welcome to the working week…

i know it don’t thrill you / i hope it don’t kill you – elvis costello, “welcome to the working week”

i just read this article in the ny times about the business culture at amazon. it seems like it would be exhausting and soul-crushing to work there. it feels like it’s everything that’s wrong with the corporate world in america: more and more and more work required with very little empathy for the employee. sure, there are perks, but they come at a price.

it really frustrates me, as i’m underemployed right now and collectively spent four years looking for work in two different cities. i even went back to school to get a second master’s. and now, with all this education, i seem to be a liability of some kind to potential employers who must expect me to move on to something better very quickly instead of sticking around.

the fact that you can’t get interviews easily anymore – much less a reply to inquiries or even an email to reject you – is very frustrating and over time, can demoralize you completely.

i say all of this because it seems like a dichotomy of a type. if you can get a job at all, then you’re compelled to work incredibly hard for not enough money.

maybe i’m just bitter, but reading this article just made me feel depressed about the state of the working world in this country. the CEOs keep getting wealthier and wealthier on the backs of their workers. unions seem to have disappeared or have been busted – and even so, a lot of white-collar workers either can’t or won’t organize for fear of losing their jobs.

but how much longer can this go on?

obviously there’s not much to my commentary on this, but i wanted to post a link to the article and my thoughts, because it’s something i think about a lot and it deeply troubles me.


welcome to the working week…

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