something coming soon…

i took a much-needed two-day break from social media and reading the news. i totally own the inherent privilege in being able to take a break. but quite honestly, it’s not like i stopped thinking about all of the stuff that’s been making me rage and sob; i just stopped feeding it into my brain via media. it helped a lot.

i have a “short bits” in progress. but i’m going to start writing an essay about white guilt. it will probably be awhile before i post it, but my main idea is this: white liberals, progressives, and leftists can stay mired in white guilt and holding themselves personally responsible for institutionalized racism (which is truly only step 1, afaic) and therefore react in a knee-jerk reaction when someone calls them out on being dismissive and racist even though we all are because we live in this society OR they can just shut up, let black people *lead* the movement to save black lives, and give support to the work of their liberation.

btw – in typical fashion, jamie and allison from citizen radio did an excellent segment on the recent bernie sanders/BLM issue. you should go listen right now.

something coming soon…

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