reasons to celebrate and some short bits…

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Carlos McKnight
Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Carlos McKnight

hey! SCOTUS finally did the right thing on friday! (well, and thursday with the ACA ruling, but let’s focus on friday for now.) what a major win for LGBTQIA people around the country. of course, i think this is really just a starting point for dealing with so many other issues that affect queer folx. as far as i’m concerned, there are more pressing issues to be addressed, but this is definitely a win!

i’m happy to say that, though, that democrats are introducing anti-discrimination legislation in july. keep pushing, everyone!

one other thing: i’m not someone who thinks marriage is the end-all, be-all. i think marriage, generally speaking, upholds patriarchy and capitalism. i think it’s outdated. i don’t think it’s actually ideal or a basic human right. at the end of the day, it’s a contract. but i do believe that people have the right to do what makes them happy. i also see this as a political issue that’s a stepping stone to other issues. it also continues the cultural push acceptance and integration of LGBTQIA issues into the mainstream.

on to the short bits for today…

your daily dose of fury. if you’re interested in reading the SCOTUS dissent, go for it. just be prepared to punch something or cry or both. these men are asshats.

bree newsome – hero. this woman did what the governor should have done. and of course, they put it back up. it’s no coincidence, though, that the MSM is characterizing her as a youth activist. she has very impressive credentials. i’m also not surprised that it was an african-american woman who took down the flag, because black women have always led the civil rights movement despite not getting the credit.

if you think charleston is an isolated incident, think again. 5 black churches have been set on fire in the last week. this is a disgrace.

rainbowdinopositivity break! look at these fantastic responses on social media to friday’s SCOTUS decision.

when even infamous grumpus noel gallagher is deriding american culture and the judicial system denying marriage rights to LGBTQIA folx, you know you have a problem.

once again, there are respectable gay people and then there are not so “respectable” gay people. and apparently, you gotta be the former to get any attention. trans activist jennicet gutierrez for sure deserved to be heard by the president. how dare he shut her down during a pride event, for fuckssake! civil disobedience worked for ACT UP and now we look back at the work of those activists as historic and necessary. why not this “heckling?” what’s different?  hmm… could it be that she is not a white gay man? black girl dangerous has a great piece about this.

i’m very familiar with the junior high south carolina history curriculum.  it sucks that it’s still the same as when i was an 8th grader living in columbia. so backwards, so racist, so classist!

positivity break! these interns rock!

i want some of these temporary tattoos to help combat anxiety. they’re beautiful! however, the etsy shop owner has been flooded with orders, so it’ll be awhile.

the most gut-wrenching jason isbell songs with commentary from the songwriter himself. get out the tissues.

hope you all made it out to pride this weekend or are otherwise celebrating this historic moment. let’s keep the momentum going on these human rights issues! 🙂

reasons to celebrate and some short bits…

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