short bits for today…

photo courtesy huffington post

i’ve been in physical pain all week, so i haven’t really had the energy to post the things i wanted to post earlier. forgive me if anything here isn’t particularly timely.

anyway, here are some short bits for today…

while i was writing this post, i found this news item on twitter. a black baptist church in north carolina was set on fire. this makes me sick.

here are some powerful photos from emanuel AME’s first mass since the shootings. – there are no words. the photos say it all.

dylann roof – what a sweet kid – i completely and utterly reject this story. hey media, stop making dylann roof into a fucked up “shy” kid gone wrong. he’s a racist kid and regardless of how his family raised him, he murdered 9 people because they were black.

some southern politicians have been linked to the hate group that radicalized dylann roof. in other words, the sky is blue.

tondalo hall was granted a clemency hearing. – i must admit that i didn’t know anything about this case until i saw the link to this on twitter. but i know this – an abused woman should never be sentenced to 30 years and be compelled to apologize for not protecting her children while her abuser has admitted to breaking the femur and ribs of the child and received a paltry 2 year sentence.

shephard fairey is facing a felony charge and up to 5 years in prison for grafitti in detroit. so you can abuse your kid and get 2 years, but if you draw some shit on a building in detroit, you have a warrant out for you and face the possibility of being a felon and doing up to 5 years. RIDICULOUS.

and in lighter news…

beauty pill has released a video for their second single “steven and tiwonge.” – BP is one of my very favorite bands and i love this song so much. check out their new record for sure.

short bits for today…

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